Ballerina to Mathematician to Anthropologist.
I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday.

All too familiar…

I’ve been down this road before… The difference between then and now is that I know what is up ahead. I will fall no doubt, but this time I may not get back up.

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Pouring Rain

On a rainy night as this one right now, as the sound of raindrops hits a surface, it’s inevitable but to think of you.

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Just simply watch me dance and you will understand.

Just simply watch me dance and you will understand.

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the Storm will Pass…

I’m an optimist, not a pessimist. I truly love the world around me and the people I share it with. I put a smile on my face not to show people I’m happy-go-dovey individual, but to put another smile on their face. I am happy, well most of the time. HAHA~ I only want people to see and enjoy the sunshine and not the passing storm that happens within me. Lately, I have been struggling to keep control and not let the dark past take over. Gradually each day I feel as if I’m losing my grip and fear soon enough I will lose complete control. No one needs to see that.

"You are the one person I never wanted to cry in front of." - for many reasons.

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Prince Charming vs The Knight in Shining Armor

Prince Charming.  So many girls spend their lives chasing and waiting eagerly for this so-called Prince Charming. Such a name paints a picture of gentle, quite, nice boy, well mannered, perfectly groomed, with perfect family and a perfect fairytale castle. Literally screams out ‘PERFECT everything’. What’s wrong with this so-called Prince Charming? It’s completely dull. 

On the other hand we have The Knight in Shining Armor.
Seated atop his noble steed, sword in hand, ready for action. The Knight is brave, bold, and willing to search out, fight and forever defend the Princess. He seeks out for adventures and slaying dragons… fearless, reckless adventures.

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That moment before getting to the bottom comment and thinking how much this gif resembles my roomie and I.  Great mind thinks alike OR is it that we’ve grown accustomed to thinking alike??? LOL~

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Gotta love the NEW GIRL casts ^-^

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Incredibly irritated, anxious, no control week…

Incredibly irritated, anxious, no control week…

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There is no desire more powerful than sex. Sexual desire looms so large that nothing stands outside of it. But luckily there is only one such desire, for were there yet another there would not be a single person in all the world capable of the Way.
Buddha’s words, #22 from The Scripture in 42 Sections
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